Affiliate Program
We offer online retail opportunities. Don't have a web site? We'll provide one for you! We also exchange links. For details read on...
Our affiliate program is an extension of our distributor program
specifically designed to assist with online retailing. For commission rates and payout details please see our Distributorship page.
Our affiliate program is flexible, offering several options so that our
program can be customized to each distributor's setup and personal
needs. Our program is broken down into 5 options which can be used
individually or combined as required.
1) Link Exchange - we swap links at no charge! Approval is required.
All links on this site appear on our Useful Links page. To request an
exchange of links you must first add our link to your site or webpage. See our Add A Link page for details.
2) Request A Purchase Button - For sites or personal web pages that do not have their own cart or secure order processing, we can provide you with a specially coded "Buy Now" button (HTML form) that includes your affiliate number. Just place this button on your site or web page, and visitors to your site will be able to make secure online purchases directly through our cart. When we receive the order we will automatically process and drop ship (per option 4) the order. Your commission will automatically be credited at month's end by cheque.
3) Purchase Stock Wholesale - You may purchase and hold stock
privately, if you prefer. Please see our Distributorship page for details.
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4) Drop Ship Orders - We can drop ship orders on your behalf,
regardless of how you received the order. If you would like this service for all of your orders, please advise us of this before you start taking orders so that we can adjust your affiliate record. If you will require this
service only on occasion then we recommend that you include specific instructions when submitting the order, whether by fax, by telephone, or online.
5) Request your own Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp distributor web site for the annual membership fee of $125.00 USD / CAD $150.00. You can have a web site just like this one with your own domain name. It can stand alone as an independent site or it can be added to an existing site. The site comes preformatted with its own shopping cart so you can immediately accept online purchases. We mandate the use of this cart as part of our affiliate system as it controls online stock availability, order tracking and service access to the customer. We want our customers to experience the optimum in service and thus require all affiliated merchants to use our cart. Merchants who prefer more control and wish to monitor their orders can request their own online Shipping Console. This will require the purchase of stock per option 3. All other affiliate orders will be "drop shipped" per option 4. In all cases will process and collect all payments from affiliate sites. Your total sales or commissions due will be credited at month's end and will be sent to you by cheque via mail. To learn more click here.
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"The Baby-Comp has been very accurate. Not only has it helped us to conceive but it pinpointed the exact same due date as the ultrasound.... Thank you so much for this great product." - B.H.
(Contact this testimonial:
Join as a distributor now
To become an affiliate distributor please please email us at OR call 1-866-USE-LADY (873-5239). Be sure to include all contact information, including telephone numbers. Please tell us which affiliate option(s) you would like to use.
Get your own website We can provide our distributors with their own site. See option 5 on this page.
Store Front Retail
Click here to find out about our wholesale distribution opportunities.
"My husband and I took a natural family planning course about 6 years ago. We learned alot and used the cervical mucus observation technique for a few years. A friend told me about your product and thought taking the temperature along with the mucus observations we would be better able to space the births of our children. We now soley use the Lady-Comp to monitor my fertility and are very pleased with the accuracy of the product. It is so much easier to take my temperature and not have to observe cervical mucus... and then chart it as well! Thank you for making a busy... life easier. This method is important to my husband and I because we don't compromise our faith beliefs... it is so easy!!!!" - T.C.
"We discovered Baby-Comp through a European friend and have been using it for over eight years. Even though we live overseas much of the time and travel a lot, we have found it very convenient. BabyComp helped us plan for the two children we have at the times which we hoped for and has since protected us. We're very glad to discover that it is now in North America so that we can recommend it to our friends." - H.J.R
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