Clinical Tests
Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp, and Pearly are 99.3% effective in clinical studies.
1.a) Test on preciseness of the temperature readings
Results: Temperature reading highly precise.
b) Test on prevention compared with clinical testing
Results: no unwanted pregnancies on green days
c) Test about planning.
Result: 2 out of 5 conceived during the test
Text in English
Rhodes Island 1988, Prof. Freundl, Frank-Herrmann, Toncaboni
2. Test fertile women. Compared with clinical testing.
Definition: 6 Days are fertile
Result: Lady-Comp found temperature shift in each cycle.
Number of fertile days 11.1 +/- 3.
Length of cycles 25-35 days. No pregnancy on green days.
Text in English
Barcelona Congress 1992, Prof. Freundl, Bauer, Bremme, Doering,
3. Clinical test and research on Hormone and temperature shifts.
Result: They do correlate and Baby-Comp can improve reliability,
acceptability and application of BBT in fertility investigation
Text in English
Amsterdam 1992, Prof. Martinez, V.Hooff, Schoute, V.D.Meer
4. Test on women sterile for 3-8 Years. Baby-Comp compared with
clinical testing
Result: 100% match on luteal deficiency, anovulatory cycles and
Clinical testing found 86% of the ovulations, Baby-comp 80%
Text in English
Sassari 1997, Prof. S.Dessole, Fadda, Rosas, Scapinelli, Inaudi,

6. Clinical testing and comparison with Baby-Comp
Result: Perfect match between clinical findings and fertility
indications of Baby-Comp
Not yet Published
Erlangen 1994, Prof. Wildt

7. Clinical fertility test vs. Baby-Comp.
Results: In no case did Baby-Comp miss the beginning of the fertile
Cycle disturbances were detected and treated correctly.
Text in German
Fertilitat Magazine 1992 :8 Page 66-76

8. 648 women in more than two years of use: Pearl Index 0.7
Field study in Switzerland, Germany, Mexico.
Text in English
Dusseldorf 1998 D.Bachhofer, Prof. Freundl, P.F. Herrmann, Prof.

9. Trial of contraceptive effectiveness of Lady-Comp/Baby-Comp
Original text in English
Advances in Contraception 1998; 14: 97-108
Prof. Freundl, P.F.Herrmann,Godehardt, R.Klemm, D. Bachhofer

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Clinical Tests
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Affiliate Program
Clinical Tests
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