Imani C. Pryce – Philadelphia, PA

About Me
I am a young up and coming model who is very passionate about becoming the superstar I was born to be. I would really love for everyone to support me and watch as I become Ms. Pryce. The more support the better. EnjoyThis is how I started
I lived in Philly for most of my life. I did everything a child was and was not suppose to do. Now I am a working model that knows what I want to do. I am looking for the support and exposure to get me to the top. With my family and friends support is helping but more support will be better.My Description
I am 5 foot 5inches Brown skin. Black hair. Brown eyes. waist 28
hips 41.5 thighs 21.2. I am going to make it in the modeling world as a triple threat……. Black, beautiful and thick and loving every second of being who I am.PIC4 PIC5 PIC6 PIC7

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