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Atlanta’s own Christopher Ussery known to all as Chris Flame is steadily emerging as an original voice in production. Though still early in his career, his earlier work regarded favorably by critics, allowed him an industry nudge resulting in subsequent placements. An EMI producer, Chris lends himself almost totally to his own creativity and live instruments rather than samples, and has been often compared to a younger version Swizz Beats.

His early tenure at Radio One gave him a sharp sense of musical supply and demand. In a type of A&R position at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Flame quickly understood the trend and made the most of it with his Take Your for David Banner’s 2005 release, Certified. His beats, distinct, infectious and now ahead of the trend garnered him neighborhood fame prompting him to take promising artists under his wing. He linked with childhood friends Jasiel Robinson and Alonzo Mathis soon to be known as Bad Boy South’s Yung Joc and Gorilla Zoe. Producing both demo’s and walking them personally over to Block Entertainment, these unions begot Flame’s next singles I’m Him, a highly regarded single on Joc’s Grammy nominated New Joc City, and the summer banger Hood Figga on new-comer Gorilla Zoe’s 2007 Welcome to the Zoo.

A Headshell Management artist, Chris Flame also co-produced the Intro on Jay Z’s historic American Gangster album, and produced I’m a G for Yung Joc’s Hustlenomics currently being released as a single.

* Yung Joc/Hustlenomics I’m a G 2007-2008 Producer Bad Boy South/Block Entertainment
* Jay Z/American Gangster Intro Performed by Idris “Driis” Elba 2007 Co-Producer Def Jam/Rockafella Recordings
* Gorilla Zoe/Welcome to the Zoo Hood Figga 2007 Producer Bad Boy South/Block Entertainment
* Blak Jak Place Your Bet What’s That Smell 2007 Universal/Vintage Sound
* Yung Joc/New Joc City I’m Him 2006 Producer Bad Boy South/Block Entertainment
* Pepsi DJ Division/ Come See it For Yourself / DJ Pharris Performed by Yung Joc/Jim Jones/Bump J 2006
* David Banner/Certified Take Your Performed by Bun B/Jazze Pha/Too Short 2005 Co-Producer Universal Records