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For booking contact:

Marshall Arts
Kevin Moss
E-mail: kevin@marshall-arts-talent.co.uk


For management contact:

Viola Billups
E-mail: vie@viemanagement.com

#WinningTeam - The Front Office

Don Green Jr, a/k/a Pastor @DonJrCEO - Las Vegas, NV
Entertainment WorldWide Network http://www.goo.gl/Uzvboq

Kesha Green, a/k/a 1st Lady - Las Vegas, NV
So Seductive Shoes and Fashions http://www.goo.gl/u4UrSd

Phillip Driskell a/k/a Phelo The Great – Nashville, TN
Power Team, LLC http://www.goo.gl/WRsg4w

Taiwan Barber, a/k/a Too Deep – Lake Charles, LA
Too Deep Productions http://www.goo.gl/GYHZAg

Benjamin Morrow, a/k/a BMo Undadaugz - Belleville, IL
Integrated Cultural Unity (I.C.U.) - http://www.goo.gl/tD6kd9

Call Pastor @DONJRCEO - 8183585722 FOR MEDIA AND PRESS

Entertainment WorldWide Network - #WinningTeam